The Easiest Way to Watercolor Fabric

The Easiest Way to Watercolor Fabric

Watercolor Fabric is a trend that I am loving right now! I really enjoy the fact that nothing has to be completely consistent or perfect. The feeling it gives is both light and airy, and I would say that almost anyone could make a piece of art with watercolor!

I’m not needing much more art on my walls right now, but I wanted to give watercolor a try! I decided to just buy a yard of white fabric and figure out what to do with it later. That’s just how I roll.

Instead of attempting some of the ideas I found on Pinterest on water coloring fabric that looked really complicated, I decided to give Ice Dyeing a shot! Ice Dye is really similar to Tie Dye.


First, you scrunch your fabric and put it in a dish. I chose to use a roaster dish because it has a tray on the bottom, allowing it to drip.

Next, you add your ice. I completely covered my fabric with ice, and also added some on top. You can put however much ice you would like, but I wanted a really muted look, so I used a lot of ice.

Now comes the fun part! Drizzle your dye in whatever pattern you like! I used Tulip’s Tie Dye, but when I try this again soon, I’d like to try to find a few richer, deeper colors. After you drizzle all the dye you want onto your ice, you let it sit until the ice melts. Thankfully, it’s about 100 degrees at my house, so I just placed it outside for a couple hours.

Once the ice is melted, rinse your fabric until the water runs completely clear. washed my fabric alone after it ran clear.

I think it turned out great! I have a fun reveal coming up soon with this fabric, so stay tuned!

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