How to Arrange Flowers Like A Florist ?

How to Arrange Flowers Like A Florist

How to Arrange Flowers Like A Florist

I don’t know about you, but these beautiful days have me wondering why we can’t claim it as spring. Mother nature is a sneaky one, and I’m sure I’ll literally be freezing by our last freeze. (Except it’s supposed to be 80 here this week! Yee-haw! Let’s pull out the shorts and fill the swimming pools!). Regardless, the pretty weather has me wanting all things spring in my home – especially flowers. There’s just something about a fresh bouquet of flowers that can really pull you out of the dumps.

I think several people, including myself and usually my husband, think that you just bring home flowers, snip off the ends, and place in any-old-vase. But I really do love the short, round vase for simple arrangements like this! They’re great on a shelf, a side table, or a dining room table because they don’t distract from seeing anyone’s face.

  • Clean your scissors with hot water and bleach.
  • Remove any leaves that will be under the waterline, to prevent the flowers from molding. I prefer to remove all leaves, then add them in later as needed.
  • Using clear tape, tape a grid on the top of your vessel that is already filled with water and plant food.
  • Measure each stem to make sure it lands where you’d like.
  • Cut all stems to be approximately the same length, and make sure to cut at an angle!
  • Insert all stems into the ‘grid’, until the desired fullness!

If you’re more of a visual person, here’s a video that will help you out.

Do you like to bring home flowers often? What’s your favorite flower?

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