10+ Awesome Terraria House Designs

terraria houses designs

We all love to play Terraria, don’t we? It is an action-packed game with a pinch of adventure and fun. However, ask any Terraria lover about the most challenging task. The most common answer would be building a perfect house for the game. 

If you too face the same issue, we are here to help you. We have covered the top-notch Terraria house designs in this post. You will love these innovative Terraria house ideas. Not just that, you will also love building these houses from scratch. 

However, before you start exploring Terraria house designs, let’s discuss some house-building requirements for Terraria. 

  • Use huge blocks, doors, platforms, and gates to build walls to make them strong. Add a door in the wall or the provision of the door.
  • There is no need to keep gaps between the two houses. There are no rules like that. You can build houses with shared walls. You can save materials by using shared walls between homes.
  • To build ceilings and floors, you can use bricks, platforms, and trapdoors.
  • You will have to use at least one single solid block for the NCPs for floors. You cannot build floors with just platforms and trapdoors.
  • You will need a decent amount of furniture to build townships to make NCPs engaged and happier.
  • The most important thing is to have a personal house in Terraria. You will need it to fight against the Terraria bosses and for your survival. 

Let’s dive into the ocean of creative Terraria house designs and keep the fun alive. 

Top 10 Terraria House Designs 

Underwater House

Terraria House Designs

You just cannot build an underwater house in Terraria. It is a challenging task that would require so many resources and skills. The design is very tricky, but when you make it, it looks magical and mesmerizing. Here, the designs of the underwater Terraria house act like pirate retreats or underwater havens for NCPs. designing a Terraria underwater house is so much fun, but it will take a lot of time and effort to build one terraria house designs.

You can use dom-like enclosures while making an underwater house. It feels like you are living in a bubble under the water. You can design the house like a fairytale-like home that would keep giving you comfort. It is one of the cool terraria homes to build.

A House in Desert

cool terraria house designs

How does it feel to have thought of a home in a desert? It is simply awesome, don’t you think? A Terraria house in the desert is like the biomes in which you can design mesmerizing and beautiful castles, cave dwellings, and houses just like those in Arabian Nights. You can use a wide range of properties such as lanterns, blocks, warm wood accents, and others to give your home a Persian-type vibe. 

A Treehouse Design

terraria house designs

Designing a house that looks like a treehouse is again a difficult one, but with persistent efforts, you can do it. You need to keep stacking and staggering the houses on succeeding levels first and then spread them like tree branches. 

You can use many elements such as wood, bricks, and blocks to design a treehouse. We all had a dream of having a treehouse in our childhoods, right? This is your chance to make one that looks magnificent and amazing. It is one of the craziest terraria house ideas. 

Underground Housing Design

best terraria house designs

Underground Terraria houses can be built with blocks and bricks. You can make it like a cave. However, the house will rely on artificial lighting and hence, it might look tricky and eerie. However, when it is built, it will look fantastic and extraordinary. You will thank us for sharing this idea with you. Just go for it and have fun. 

Terraria Floating House Design

Terraria Floating House Design

Don’t you dream of living in the sky? Well, you can fulfill your wish at least while playing Terraria. Build a house up in the clouds and have an adventurous journey. Remember, designing a floating house is tricky and challenging. However, if you succeed in it, you will be remembered for revolutionizing the game. It is up to you to accept the challenge or not. 

Terraria starter house

terraria house designs

If you are just starting out in the game, go for a starter home that follows all the rules and regulations. The house will also act as your operation base. Leave no stone unturned as this is your first home in the game and you will remember it for a long period. Make a beautiful, charming, and loveable home that you can cherish in the future. 

Terraria jungle house

Terraria jungle house

Making a Terraria house in the jungle is one of the trickiest terraria building ideas, but it can be done with sheer dedication. The main issue is to create a house that does not look abnormal and out of place. However, it will test your skills while making it. You can check out some online tutorials while building the home. It will give you some rough ideas on how to start terraria house designs. 

Terraria snow house

Terraria snow house

Making a Terraria snow house would surely give you goosebumps. A snow house looks homely and you can add a wide range of items to make it like a real home. A fireplace is one such thing to add in a snow house. Also, you can decorate the house as per your preferences. If you are a Terraria beginner, you might face some difficulties while building a snow house. Try to build it once you gain some experience in terraria house designs. 

Terraria auto house

Terraria auto house

Do you want to build a small house instantly without many difficulties and challenges? Try building a Terraria auto house and you are done. You can have loads of cool features in the home such as bosses and NPCs. 

Ship House

terraria building designs

It is time to showcase your creativity. Make a ship house that is praiseworthy and beautiful. Don’t try to make a big ship house. Start with a small one, but don’t make an ordinary one. 


These are some of the best terraria house designs ideas that you can explore while playing the game. Don’t give up midway. Take your time, take help from online tutorials, and come up with innovative house designs that look beautiful and enthralling.

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