15 Interior Design Ideas for a Spanish Style Homes

Spanish Style Home

Do you wish to decorate your home in the Spanish style homes? While many people associate Spanish culture with hedonism and enjoyment, The Spanish design approach is based on utility. Because Spaniards spend so much time indoors with their families, excellent design is more essential to them than Americans.

Spanish Style Home Interior

Spanish style design is one of the most popular home decor designs nowadays. Its modern, stylish design has made it a popular option for homeowners wishing to give their living space an attractive, classic touch. Spanish style interiors provide a variety of striking elements that set them apart from other home decor types, such as tile flooring and white walls, as well as elaborate wrought iron railings and colorful accessories.

The use of bright, bold, warm colors distinguishes the Spanish style home interior. A house with a Spanish style must appear pleasant and inviting the moment you see it. The arched entrances and windows are highly popular in Mediterranean design, as are the modest but tropical attractiveness and the use of white for the external walls.

In this guide, We’ve looked at a list of 15 classic interior design ideas for a Spanish style home that will go with your modern home interiors while relevant to current trends and demands.

Classic 15 interior design ideas for a Spanish style home

Porches that are relaxing
Spanish style homes

In the case of a Spanish style house, the porch is frequently a covered space. Wide arches connect the interior to the outside, and this serves as a transitional place. The patio serves as an outdoor living place, and the former corresponds to the social rooms inside the house.

Stucco interior walls

Spanish Style Home

The white walls of Spanish style homes may be one of the first things you notice. White stucco is an excellent choice since it reflects the sun’s heat rather than absorbing it. This is a beautiful, practical option for a desert home.

White walls have a clear benefit in warmer areas because they reflect far more of the sun’s rays than darker-colored walls. Because of its thickness, stucco also provides sun protection. Stucco walls operate as good insulators on hot days, keeping cold and hot air in.


spanish Landscaping

The landscaping inside and outside of a Spanish style home’s interior is distinct regarding containers and foliage choices. A few classic Spanish accents within the home rapidly add to the mood while connecting the indoor and exterior details.

A luxury property may dedicate the entire center of a room to an interior landscaping installation, or it may include a private courtyard with Spanish style landscaping. 

The Living Room

Spanish style homes interior

The combination of traditional and contemporary furnishings gave the living room a Spanish vibe while keeping it modern. “Light, neutral backgrounds with subtle uses of color are contrasted against wood tones and texture, adding character and warmth to the space,” designer De Freitas adds. Traditional Spanish design is honored with an elaborate wood media cabinet and a pearlescent side table, while tone-on-tone accents and crisp seating lines help to modernize the area.


spanish style homes

If possible, add texture to your walls and a warm-toned finish. Stucco walls are common in Spanish style homes, particularly in the kitchen. You can achieve this texture by applying faux finishes in colors such as:

  • Off-white
  • Apricot
  • burnt sienna
  • gold. 

The contrast of the dark wood against the warmer walls gives the space a deep depth.

Terracotta Tiles for the Floor

spanish style houses

Terracotta flooring is one of the essential components of Spanish style home interior. Choose it for an authentic Spanish vibe in your home. Terracotta flooring offers a rustic look and feel to your home’s decor. It keeps your house cool and comfortable even on hot summer days and adds an organic touch to your home. Terracotta is also less expensive and easier to maintain than other natural stones.

Arched doorways
spanish style home interior

An arched entryway is a traditional Spanish element that adds visual appeal to a wall while allowing for additional lighting and artistic embellishments without too much weight. This arch can be used to divide two rooms or to form an entrance.

High ceilings

spanish style house design

While many Spanish style homes have standard-height ceilings, a handful have high ceilings.

When it comes to decorating, could you keep it simple? Don’t let all that wall space get to your head so that your eyes are pulled to the important items.

Beams that are exposed

spanish style homes

When the ceiling is higher, you can’t help but incorporate some exposed beams, which are prevalent in Spanish architecture.

Whether you choose raw, rustic beams or smooth, stained versions, this important element will tie all your wood furniture together. Wooden beams are great for integrating a diverse Spanish space.

Wooden furnishings

spanish style furniture

Can we discuss Spanish furniture? You should seek wood items while planning your Spanish style home decor furnishings.

Spanish style will fill your area with heavy dark accent tables, high headboards, and deep rich wood tones. The wood complements the earthy tones found in this style.

Furniture should be hefty and made of wood, and intricately carved. This is a tribute to the design era of Spanish Baroque.

Cabinetry made of wood

spanish style house ideas

You can use heavily carved wood in places other than furniture. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, go for cabinets made of solid wood. You’ll gain design points if it has carved detail like the rest of your furniture. Wood cabinetry also works beautifully in a Spanish eclectic kitchen.

Major window coverings

spanish style house interior

You should give your window coverings some severe thought when it comes to Spanish style. Traditionally, these homes had little windows, but modern designs have larger ones.

Because the hot sun is likely to shine into a living room in the afternoon, you’ll want heavy curtains that you can close to keep your space cool. To get the most out of your windows, make sure they’re hung high and broad. This is especially true if your windows are huge and arched.

Wrought Iron Railings with Intricate Designs

spanish style railing

The balcony has long been one of the most popular areas of any home. It is the location where we have a brief encounter with nature. It allows you to relax and take a break from your routine. Here’s an easy way to add Spanish style home interiors to your balcony. 

Choose iron or metal railings and Moroccan floor tiles to add an old-world feel to your outdoor space. For a relaxing atmosphere, add some potted plants and rattan seats. We also included a bar unit with plenty of storage to enjoy cocktail hour with your guests while displaying your Spanish-style home.

Spanish Accessories

Spanish style homes interior

This design style suits homeowners who enjoy decorating their homes with elaborate decorative components. The ornate wall paneling, designer chandeliers, a stunning Cabriole sofa set, and a towering mirror all add to the area’s attractiveness. Add some porcelain vases and metal floor lights to enhance the beauty further.


spanish style fireplace

Of course, it is sometimes hot, so many Spanish style homes include a vast fireplace. Make it the focal focus of your living space, whether it has a large mantle or reaches the ceiling.

Wrapping It Up

The timeless and classic charm of Spanish style home interior design may be used to create attractive modern, traditional, rustic, or contemporary rooms. Spanish-style decor is rich in textures and brilliant colors, making it an excellent choice for those looking to make a statement in their house. 

This interior design style is ideal for generating a warm and inviting ambiance while also delivering an exciting and distinctive appearance. 

Spanish style home interior design is sure to give any house a sense of refinement and beauty, whether you go all out with vivid colors and patterns or keep things understated with neutrals and earthy tones.


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