Colorful Fall Home Tour

Colorful Fall Home Tour

Colorful Fall Home Tour

Happy Monday, friends! I am so beyond excited that I get to share my fall home tour with you! Fall is officially here this week -It’s time to indulge in everything pumpkin, visit a corn maze and sip some cider by the fire! One of my best blogging friends, Meg from Green With Decor is hosting this awesome blog hop so if you’re in need of any sort of fall inspiration or just want to look at pretty pictures — this hop is for you with new ideas daily.

So, a couple of things: I didn’t go super traditional fall this year. While I love the deep red and oranges — I just wanted something different this year. I’m a fan of color (if you haven’t noticed…) and start going into a depression in the fall because everything starts to look the same. So, this year I went with a completely different color scheme of navy blues, peach, gold, and mustard yellow. I do have a small mix of the traditional colors as well — so all you purists need not worry whether I will go to decor heaven or not!

I really love all things metallic, so I created this wreath out of an embroidery hoop for a simple fix of a wreath. Since the weather is still pretty-dang-warm here in Oklahoma, I broke all the rules of housekeeping and bought a bunch of yellow mums from the craft store and planted them in my blue planter.

I’m a fan of making every space cozy during the fall — so I brought out my Let’s Snuggle Pillow with a blanket to sip some drinks from. It’s nice to enjoy every bit of fall while you can, and my front porch watching the leaves fall from the trees is exactly where I want to be in the fall.

We’ve moved living rooms since my last fall home tour, and it’s not completely finished yet (but a full reveal is coming SO soon), so I scattered some mini pumpkins with touches of other fall accents onto my color-coordinated shelves. We also don’t have a mantel in this room, so I placed our traditional crates with pumpkins around our TV area.

In our kitchen, I was so excited to find a few things that made it feel like fall without a ton of work or decor that I couldn’t use outside of this time of year. I bought a walnut hollow plank and placed lanterns, candles, and vases in it. To add the touch of fall I needed, I wrapped a few pieces of wheat in embroidery floss.

I set up a small vignette with a candle, plate, and more wheat to bring everything in.

So, what do you think? Would you ever try non-traditional fall colors or are you too much of a fall fan to give up the deep reds and oranges?! Don’t forget to hop by the tours below for all the decor inspiration you can handle!

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