Watermelon Placement

Watermelon Placement

Watermelon is the unspoken logo of summertime! I’ve been so into both eating and looking at all things watermelon lately – and who can blame me? C’mon, admit it… You’ve been swooning too! When we ran to the dollar store the other day to pick up some necessities, I had to look at all the summer items. While I was there, I found these hot pink placemats for $1! I’m not sure how I could pass them up, but I immediately saw watermelons when I saw these simple placemats.

The best part? They’re so simple to make.


Simply paint the edge green with a foam brush, then a layer of white! I used a handmade stencil to make the seeds, and viola! A beautiful, colorful, summertime essential for your table.

Oh, Did I mention that the only cost for these was for the $1 Placemats? I had green, white, and black paint on hand.

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