How To Care For Succulents


How To Care For Succulents

Is your house covered in care for succulents and other succulent paraphernalia? I shared the other day over on my Instagram how my husband had the audacity to ask me the other day, “Don’t you think our house has enough succulents?” — How RUDE. Having 8 of these cuties in our home is just getting started and not nearly enough.

I do hear quite a few people tell me they kill succulents all the time. So I’m giving you a fail-proof method to keep you from killing them and letting them keep you happy! And if you’re a big fan of rom-coms like I am, this scene might be going through your head right now:


Set one day a week you do your watering. These cactus-like plants don’t need as much water as you may think, and watering them daily is just going to make them die quickly. Every Sunday after breakfast when I’m cleaning up the house, I water all my succulents. This leads me to…

Use Ice Cubes to water. This is a simple tip I learned from a local plant store here in Oklahoma City. To help not to overwater and let the water disperse itself as needed, use two ice cubes for small plants, and as much as a cup for large plants. I usually make a pitcher of ice cubes and take it around the house adding a couple to each planter. Viola! Easy and mess-free.

Turn 180 degrees every time you water. To make sure the entire plant is receiving enough sunlight, turn it 180 degrees every time you water. This is easy to do and remember as you water, vacuum or tidy up.

Move your plant. When you notice your plant isn’t thriving and succeeding, move it. I have two spots in my house where different plants do best. One is in very direct light, and the other is indirect light. Each plant is different in how it thrives. If you don’t want to commit to your plants being full-time in a room where you don’t really want plants, like cacti in a playroom, move them there once a week to get enough sunlight.

Drainage is important. Overwatering is one of the most common ways to kill your plants. Make sure they have ample drainage, either through a pot with a drainage hole or by adding 1-2″ of gravel at the bottom of your planter before you plant.


Was this helpful? What is your best tip for keeping succulents or houseplants alive? Need to share your love for plants with the world? Purchase the Plant Lady shirt from Oui Fresh!

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