21 Best Grey Exterior House Colors

Grey Exterior House Colors

When picking grey exterior house colors for your residence, classic neutrals are always a safe bet. However, if you want to make a slight yet characteristic statement amidst an array of white houses, consider adopting the trend of grey exterior house colors. Gray has surged from being a favoured interior color to an equally trendy choice for the exterior. It doesn’t matter if your exterior has wood siding or any other materials; a coat of grey paint can give a contemporary and sophisticated look.

Picking the perfect grey exterior house colors paint concerns several matters that can affect the look of your home. First, consider the geography surrounding your area and the architectural kind of nearby residences. The color should coordinate with its surroundings, creating a balanced and inviting aesthetic. Moreover, the orientation of your abode concerning the sun can affect how the grey shade appears throughout the day. The play of light and shadow can drastically affect the colour’s perception.

Further, the material of your home’s exterior can impact how the grey exterior house colors are viewed. Various materials, such as brick, wood, or stucco, can absorb and reflect light differently, slightly changing the chosen grey’s appearance. Trying the chosen grey exterior house colors on your residence’s exterior before confirming a final decision and splitting out the structure is highly advisable.

This step is essential for understanding the colour’s appearance under different lighting conditions. Also, test the colour of the trim simultaneously to ensure that it completes the all-around finished look without any disagreements. Gray can also serve as an excellent accent colour. If you need more time to fully adopt grey for the exterior of your home, consider using it for shutters, doors, and other trim details. This method adds contrast and visual appeal without overpowering the primary colour.

If you need help determining which grey exterior house colors paint to select, below are 21 Best Gray House Exteriors, which will provide insights into the shades that are repeatedly favoured, helping you narrow your options.

● Repose Gray

Grey Exterior House Colors

Giving an allure of elegance and sophistication in exterior paint colours. With its light undertones, this golden grey hue effortlessly presents a modern and timeless ambience in any home. Repose grey pairs beautifully with sharp white garage doors for a remarkable contrast. Moreover, it seamlessly unfolds into the interior colour palette, creating a cohesive and neutral grey harmony throughout the house. Repose grey is an adaptable choice that adds elegance to your home’s exterior and interior spaces.

● Cityscape

Grey Exterior House Colors

Sherwin-Williams’ Cityscape (7067) is an excellent choice for homeowners desiring to craft an appealing exterior colour palette. With its mid-tone neutral hues, this paint effortlessly completes an inviting and visually exquisite appearance that stands out while keeping a timeless quality. Cityscape ensures quality range for an immaculate finish regardless of Whether your home features siding, brick, stucco, or other exterior materials. The Cityscape offers a beautiful grey hue contrasting with white trim and black shutters.

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● Peppercorn

Grey Exterior House Colors

Sherwin-Williams’ Peppercorn (7674) is an excellent choice for those seeking dark and refined grey exterior house colors. Its striking deep hue resembles Tricorn Black but owns a unique edginess that adds a captivating factor to your exterior. While Tricorn Black is more of a traditional black with purple-blue undertones and a darker overall appearance, Peppercorn differentiates itself with a brighter tone. If you want an exterior that oozes dark sophistication while keeping a touch of intrigue, Peppercorn is an excellent choice.

● Charcoal

Benjamin Moore's Kendall Charcoal (HC-166)

Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal (HC-166) is a standout pick for those desiring to make a striking and grand focal point with their exterior house paint. This deep charcoal shade is perfect for making a bold statement and ensures that your home won’t blend into the background or appear overly monochromatic. Kendall Charcoal distinguishes itself from other top grey exterior house colors with its captivating hue variety. It represents a rich, earthy grey with lovely brown and green undertones. This unique blend adds depth and character to your home’s exterior.

● Urbane Bronze

Sherwin-Williams' Urbane Bronze (7048)

Sherwin-Williams’ Urbane Bronze (7048) is a remarkable choice for those seeking a modern, sophisticated grey exterior house colors. This dark brownish-grey shade can change your home’s appearance, highlighting its architectural details when paired with subtle whites. Urbane Bronze is earthy and absorbs considerable natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. It is a unique shade and differentiates itself with a lighter and warmer conduct, emphasized by its brown tones. This unusual hue adds a touch of modern grace to your home’s exterior while preserving a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

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● Gauntlet Gray

Sherwin-Williams' Urbane Bronze (7048)

Sherwin-Williams’ Gauntlet grey (7019) is an adaptable and neutral choice if you are looking for a grey home exterior, providing a perfect setting for various architectural styles. Whether your home follows a trendy or traditional style, Gauntlet grey complements both, making it an immaculate choice for homeowners desiring to elevate their overall aesthetic. With warm, greige undertones, it imparts your home a timeless and classic look, emphasizing its best elements. To enrich its appeal, consider pairing it with an earthy orange accent color, Armagnac, for your shutters and white for the trim. This mixture creates a harmonious, inviting exterior that elegantly showcases your home’s character.

● Grizzle Gray

Sherwin-Williams' Urbane Bronze (7048)

Sherwin-Williams’ Grizzle grey (7068) for exterior house paint is ideal for fulfilling a modern yet timeless impression with its classic grey tone. This neutral tone is the perfect canvas for making an eye-catching exterior. To add an element of excitement and contrast, pair Grizzle Gray with an aqua front door, creating visual interest and getting out subtle deviations in the primary color, enriching its overall lure. Mixing Grizzle grey with complementary white shades for trim accents and window shutters results in a harmonious blend that underlines the beauty of your home’s exterior and adds a hint of elegance to your surroundings.

● Dorian Gray

Sherwin-Williams' Urbane Bronze (7048)

Sherwin-Williams’ Dorian gray (7017) is an excellent choice for your home’s exterior. It balances light and dark shades, offering versatility to suit your desired style. Whether you aim for a classic and neutral appearance or hope to pair it with a contrasting color for a more eye-catching effect, Dorian Gray is the ideal choice for your exterior design.

● Gray Owl

Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl (2137-60)

Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl (2137-60) is an ideal exterior paint choice for a beach house. Gray effortlessly moulds the stage for a refined coastal-inspired ambience represented by cool greys and blues. Grey Owl exudes a natural vibrancy that enriches the beauty of the surrounding area. Gray Owl offers a range of warm and cool colors, assuring you find the ideal match for your house’s exterior.

● Chelsea Gray

Benjamin Moore's Chelsea Gray (HC-168)

Benjamin Moore’s Chelsea Gray (HC-168) is an excellent choice for exterior house paint. Its remarkable versatility allows it to seamlessly blend with virtually any interior design, making it a preferred color for interior walls. The neutral tints of Chelsea Gray contribute to a welcoming and urbane ambience, capable of adding ardour and character to spaces such as dining areas, living rooms, or expansive rooms.

● French gray

Light French Gray (0055)

Picking Sherwin-Williams for your exterior house paint, notably Light French Gray (0055), is an intelligent choice. This universal shade balances effortlessly with almost any interior decor, designating it as a fantastic option for enhancing the impression of any home.

● Silverpoint

Sherwin-Williams' Silverpoint (7653)

Sherwin-Williams’ Silverpoint (7653) is one of the most preferred grey exterior house colors, guaranteed to grab attention and make a fierce statement. It shows cool undertones of blue and green, which present a diligent quality to its appearance. This remarkable blend of hues ensures that Silverpointe stays a captivating and adaptable option for your home’s exterior, letting you compose a look that fits your style and preferences.

● Stonington Gray

Benjamin Moore's Stonington grey (HC-170)

Benjamin Moore’s Stonington grey (HC-170) presents a refreshing and open choice to rejuvenate your home’s exterior. Highlighting light blue undertones, this paint imparts your house a relaxed and elegant look.

Its cool tints make it an ideal complement to dark accent colours, such as black shutters, trims, windows, etc. This harmonious blend creates a stylish, visually appealing exterior that exudes charisma and elegance.

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● Edgecomb Gray

Benjamin Moore's Edgecomb grey (HC-173)

Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb grey (HC-173) is an immaculate choice for exterior house paint. This subtle and warm tint of grey bestows your home with a balanced blend of tradition and modernity. Its exceptional quality lies in its slight hue variations under distinct lighting conditions, ensuring a consistently elegant appearance indoors and outdoors. It pairs seamlessly with white trims, shutters, and structural features like large lanterns or window boxes. This protean shade complements various materials like stone, brick, etc.

● Stormy Sky

Benjamin Moore's Stormy Sky (1616)

Benjamin Moore’s Stormy Sky (1616) is perfect for those searching for contemporary, sophisticated grey exterior house colors. Its deep blue undertones introduce a feel of drama that makes the architectural style stand out beautifully. Upgrade it with black trim paint or pristine white to create a striking contrast. Stormy Sky offers a modern and graceful exterior that allows you to build a visually captivating and stylish home front.

● Storm Cloud

Sherwin-Williams' Storm Cloud (6249)

Sherwin-Williams’ Storm Cloud (6249) is a remarkable exterior house paint that incorporates deep grey undertones within its blue hue. It is perfect for individuals desiring to make a bold, impactful statement with cool grey exterior house colors. It pairs perfectly with vibrant accents like a bold, striking, bright red door perfect for a farmhouse design.

● Storm

Benjamin Moore's Storm (AF-700)

Benjamin Moore’s Storm (AF-700) is a classic choice among grey exterior house colors. This hue delivers a deep, reflective grey tone that balances traditional and modern architectural styles effortlessly. Storm creates an inviting and sophisticated atmosphere, making it the perfect alternative for highlighting subtle architectural elements in brick or siding materials.

● Revere Pewter

Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter (HC-172)

Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter (HC-172) gives an amiable and welcoming charisma that spreads a gracious reception to your guests. This colour inhabits the pleasant space between grey exterior house colors and beige, resulting in a captivating visual texture that heightens the exterior of your home, ensuring it stands out with elegance and transcendence.

● Agreeable Gray

Sherwin-Williams' Agreeable grey (7029)

Sherwin-Williams’ Agreeable grey (7029) is an excellent choice for imparting a warm and inviting atmosphere to your home’s exterior. Agreeable grey is an attractive alternative to classic white paint, maintaining a neutral and adaptable character. By opting for Agreeable Gray, you can get an elegant and alluring exterior look that gracefully complements the other elements of your home’s front without overpowering them.

● Gray Matters

Gray Matters (7066)

Gray Matters (7066) by Sherwin-Williams is the ideal selection when designing an eye-catching focal point for your exterior walls. This paint choice is most favoured among designers aiming to craft an elegant and visually enchanting design.

● Wolf Gray

Benjamin Moore's Wolf Gray (2127-40)

Benjamin Moore’s Wolf Gray (2127-40) emerges as the perfect grey exterior house colors with a subtle yet long-lasting grey tone, distinguished by subtle purple undertones. It performs a timeless and enchanting appearance paired with soft white trim, leaving your house reminiscent of a captivating setting.

In conclusion, regarding a grey exterior house colors paint for your home, remember that it’s not just about picking a colour; it’s about making a cohesive and attractive look that completes your surroundings and meets any essential regulations. Take the time to test the shade under different conditions, and refrain from using grey as an accent to execute a balanced and stylish exterior.

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