Colorful Herb Planter

Colorful Herb Planter

Colorful Herb Planter

Happy Spring! Are you just as excited as I am to have more sunlight at the end of the day as I am? I’m jumping into spring full force with my first project – a colorful herb planter.

I made a vow at the end of last year that I was going to attempt to plant an herb and vegetable garden, so here is phase 1 of my commitment. Special thanks to Deco Art for partnering with me on this fun project to feature the new Outdoor Living paints available at Hobby Lobby!

I started with a palette, which I promptly forgot to take a photo of before I started painting. But, we all know what a palette looks like – right?

To start, I painted the entire palette white to give it a fresh even coat. I really do like using this paint. It goes on very smoothly! Once it was fully dry, I used painter’s tape to tape my design off. I wanted to use both the berry and coral colors with white coming through, so I came up with this modern design based on the #walltraveled hashtag on Instagram!

Once it was taped off, I painted each section with the color I wanted and waited until it was tacky to remove the tape. In between coats, lightly sand down. Also, a tip I realized is that you don’t have to press very hard with your brush – a light touch works great.

Once it was removed, I let it dry completely. Then, I moved it outside and hung my planters! I draped a battery-operated set of string lights to add a little ambiance. The paint is scuff resistant and won’t fade, which is why it’s perfect for outdoor projects that will be in the sunlight. Be sure to stop by Hobby Lobby and grab some of this paint to create your own outdoor creations!

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